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Janine Hausif
Creating a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving. Speaker One-Sheet

Personal Details

Name Janine Hausif
Birthday March 7th
Address Brooklyn, NY
Email janine@hellojanine.com
Website http://hellojanine.com

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A self-proclaimed Legacy Enthusiast, Janine Hausif (Ha-seef), is the CEO and founder of Around the Way App, a mobile application that locates Black-owned businesses. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Janine is determined to both empower and support underrepresented communities of the world. Around the Way App is a reflection of this dedication and a small piece of a much larger puzzle of empowerment. “The goal of Around the Way is to take these businesses from Main Street to mainstream.” Janine explains “Mobile technology is the wave of the future. It’s important for Black-owned businesses to remain relevant and competitive in today’s economy.” Soon after launch Around the Way, Janine started small business development consulting.

When she’s not working on her own projects, Janine volunteers with local and international youth organizations. Janine has been featured in NBC News, Clutch MagazineBlack EnterprisetheGrioMadame NoireJet Magazine and Arise TV. In 2014, Hausif won the Pioneer Award presented by Amtrak and the Brooklyn Nets for her “dedication and contributions to the community.” Janine holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Maryland, College Park.


In general, I care about any and all underprivileged, disadvantaged, or underrepresented groups.  I am a Black woman so I care most about women’s issues and anything dealing with the Black community. Give me a soapbox and it’s ON!

I’m a light and seek to see the light in others. I’m also wife, daughter, sister, aunt, stepmom, cat owner, sky-dive survivor, podcast nerd, comedy nerd, improv lover, karaoke-r, Ayahuasca-er, avid reader, exercise-eh, ambivert. I’m the opposite of a foodie- I eat just to stop my stomach from growling.  I’m a 90s R&B- fanatic. I like good hip hop. I learned how to swim in 2013 (smh). I had my first PB&J in 2009. I’m a writer at heart.  I LOVE words and the power of communication. I meditate. I LOVE water with lemon.


Enough About Me, How Can I Help you?

  • Speaking
  • Comm.
  • Mobile
  • Ideation
  • Tech


When asked to speak for companies and campuses, the topics have included the following:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Following One’s Passions
  • Women in Technology
  • First-time Entrepreneurship
  • Women in Business
  • Minority Tech
  • College Motivation
  • Going from Idea to App Store


For speaking inquiries, please email me directly at janine@hellojanine.com.


Communication Consulting

I write or draft the copy for your customers, clients, investors, donors, etc. This includes but is not limited to website, social media sites, sponsorship letters, investor decks, newsletters, etc. My specialty lies in creating effective communication to reach an intended audience. Clients have a message in their heart and mind, but sometimes doesn’t translate effectively in correspondences. I work with clients to make sure their message doesn’t fall on deaf ears and incites the preferred action.


Mobile Development Consulting

You have an app idea? Let’s make it happen!

I’ve created an app with minimal technical know-how. If a client has an idea for an app, I am able to give them the step-by-step process to get it from idea to app store. I also provide resources, useful programs, jargon, and websites to get them through the process. We also brainstorm brand strategies for a successful launch, capturing analytics, and creating scale.


Bring Ideas to Life!

Sometimes a client has a mustard seed-sized idea. In this instance, one of my favorites by the way, the opportunities are endless! It’s one of the most exciting times, when we’re in the idea phase! In our brainstorming sessions, we’re free to explore all the possibilities – the good ideas, the bad ideas, the GREAT ideas – until the client is clear about which direction they’d like to pursue.


Technical Liaison

It’s not as bas as you may think!

The technological world may seem daunting or intimidating to most, but the truth is, it’s not. You can go very far with basic information. I work with clients to understand the basics for their specific project.

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Tia Dantzler September 14, 2014 8:05 pm

Hi Janine!

So refreshing to find your page!! I was wondering if you could share who did your one sheet for you as I am in need of one myself.

Thanks so much,


admin October 8, 2014 10:10 pm

Tia, I created myself. I was inspired by others that I found online (mainly pinterest).

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