What Street Harassment Tells Me

If I must weigh in…. Street harassment tell me   You think I am here for your viewing pleasure which, imbedded in that is some level of ownership. If I dressed for YOU, you can now say and do whatever you want (to your property) You have no boundaries which imbedded in that leads to […]

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Meditation: Why it's so DOPE!

It’s one thing to listen to all the gurus and thought leaders of the world talk about the benefits of meditation – easy peasy. It’s another thing to get intimidated by the process, or fear not doing it right…or (ironically) get frustrated by “not going deep.” That’s some people’s realities and that’s TOTALLY FINE. Trying […]

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Co-working: The Solopreneur's Cure to Loneliness

Starting a small business can be a lonely journey- especially in the beginning. With the advent of the co-working space, it doesn’t have to be. “What’s a co-working space?” you ask. First I’ll tell you what it is, then I’ll tell you all the wonderful joys that it brings to your life! So! A co-working […]

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My Overture video

I was recently recognized as one of NYC’s Rising Stars (from an crowd-founding site  As a part of my “winnings” I had the pleasure of creating a bio video with Overture: a NY-based startup that create compelling videos for entrepreneurs and creative. Check it out. I. JUST. LOVE. IT. Janine Hausif // Social Entrepreneur […]

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On fake butts

                      (Sparked by seeing a fake butt on the subway) There’s a thin line between punching up your looks  and now knowing that YOU are enough. (Repeat that a few times) You end up deceiving yourself to think this is all you bring to the […]

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