What Street Harassment Tells Me

If I must weigh in…. Street harassment tell me   You think I am here for your viewing pleasure which, imbedded in that is some level of ownership. If I dressed for YOU, you can now say and do whatever you want (to your property) You have no boundaries which imbedded in that leads to […]

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On fake butts

                      (Sparked by seeing a fake butt on the subway) There’s a thin line between punching up your looks  and now knowing that YOU are enough. (Repeat that a few times) You end up deceiving yourself to think this is all you bring to the […]

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Day 15- Sometimes We Know, But We Don't Understand

In my last post, I mentioned the universe speaking to us from several unrelated sources. That’s been happening to me in and around the subject of women’s sexuality. I have had conversations with people, heard podcasts, read articles, heard it mentioned in passing on the street and most recently in talks with my husband. It’s […]

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Day 13- Go With What You Know

I went to a theme park with my friend, her daughter (birthday girl) and my stepson. We had a blast but toward the end of the day I was exhausted and famished. And by the time we got home, I had a pounding headache. Could the headache have come from the roller coaster that banged […]

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BIG CHOP's Big Feature

Peace Queens, I just wanted to spread the news. I reached out to an amazing website ( to post my BC. If I have a platform to tell my story, I most definitely will. I know there is power in sharing a story so I chose to be another voice. I was so elated that […]

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