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In November 2012, I launched Around the Way app. It’s a geo-location app that locates the nearest Black-owned businesses.  It was the “grandchild” of 2 other ideas that I pursued starting 2010- the evolution, if you will. My mission was two-fold: (1) I sought out to make it easy for people to support the Black-owned businesses in their community and (2) I wanted to empower Black business owners via technology to give them a fighting chance against the large corporations who have deep pockets.

While working with the businesses in my app, I started to understand some of the pain-points of small business owners.  It was very informative objectively, but I also saw a need to create something for them too.  And hey, I can lead the horse to water, but that water has to be up to par. You know?! So in February 2014, I created a platform for small business owners to get tips and resources for their business. I also host 30-Day Business Challenges that help jump start and reinvigorate businesses.


fb cover photo 800x200As these two ventures grow,  I’ve gotten requests from business to consult on ad hoc projects and overall awareness. I LOVE helping businesses and I want to see people win! I lend my experience, expertise, and my generally cool ideas to businesses! I’m really good with creating effective messaging (duh, Communication major!) and creative ways to leverage technology for businesses.

When I think about it, it’s the natural progression of the work I’ve been doing, plus I am more hands on – which I love!  Having an app and website are cool, but creating and maintaining a human connection is what really matters (personally and professionally).  I accept this new title with open arms…

Janine Hausif: Consultant. Now accepting new clients.


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